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Wow this is a powerful story. The beginning was outstanding and likely one of the highest scored section. You grabbed my attention immediately.

The red ink is small--when quoting someone inside of a quote use the single mark' Then if that ends the entire quote you would use three '" Also so many stories included that verse. I think you did an outstanding job with writing on topic and don't necessarily think you needed it. I also was a tad confused why the mother couldn't attend the wedding because of where it was. I admit I'm terrible at reading titles and at the end I noted the title and then it made more sense.

You did a nice job with keeping the story moving. I also liked the open-ended ending. Often writers are tempted to end too abruptly and tie it in a bow. Your ending, though, will allow the reader's mind to go in the direction they need right now and I like that.
Nice job! Loved the ending in particular. Most times when a writer leaves the ending to our imagination, it irks me...but in this case it works! Good job.

God Bless~
I like how you showed the importance of forgiveness and understanding in marriage by showing the lack of it. And also how it's important to start marriage out right.

Great writing!
This is interesting and thought provoking. It also illustrates how difficult it is for people to see themselves as they really come across to others.
I'm sorry if I made a mistake. I realize the mother couldn't come to bridal shower because of time and place. Somewhere in my head I confused the shower with the wedding and inferred from title that Jill was upset because she wanted daughter to marry in the church. I'm sorry about my mistake and hope I didn't mislead others. Hugs :)
I agree with Genia-this shows how we view ourselves differently from how others do. Good job! God bless!
I wish I had read this 30 years ago.

I hope you get the recognition this article deserves. Brilliant!
A very well written piece with a strong message on the consequence of an unequally yoked marriage. You have captured the emotions of the MC in your story very well. Excellent job!