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I so enjoyed this piece. The title alone gave me a good chuckle. I enjoyed how you showed the commitment to each other that the dogs shared.

Tiny red ink -- you used the phrase had underwent... This phrase seemed odd to my ears. If you had said The dog underwent surgery or had undergone ... I think it might have flowed better. Though while saying this I am aware it could be a phrase I'm not familiar with and not really a mistake.

I think your take on the topic was super creative and fresh. I also really liked the ending. I have no doubt God made dogs man's best friend so we could learn valuable lessons about sticking together and being faithful.

Awww...I loved it. Anything pertaining to God's creatures, I really enjoy. Nicely done, and great take on the topic.

God Bless~
Oh no...I could hardly bare to read this story. Our 13 year old black Lab died this morning, quite unexpectedly, so I've had a very sorrowful day. But that aside, this was such a beautiful, wonderful story. I love how Georgie and Belle love each other as well as their owners. Thanks for sharing. God bless.
Terrific entertainment in so few words! I loved this story. I have most often heard that someone has undergone surgery but may just be habit, not necessarily the right way. In any case, nice job on this piece.
Great reading and I loved your title. Very creative for the topic and well written.
I had small discomfort with 'had underwent' also.

Other than that a great story with good sentiments
Your title was super creative! Love it! Wish I could meet these dogs. Awesome and you truly described them well. Nice job!
Your excellent story of dogs and loyalty is right on-topic.
Well constructed piece that was a perfect fit for the topic. Your opening was a great tie-in to the rest of the story. I, too, liked the concluding statement - a great take-a-away.

Oh, this is great.

The ONLY suggestion would be to start with the Bill Cosby quote itself, then say "Bill Cosby said that..." instead of the other way around.

I love the illustration of the two dogs lying together after the one couldn't climb the stairs.
I thank God for dogs. He certainly knew what He was doing when He created them. They truly are "mans best friend." And to each other!

So, here's my Two Thumbs Up! From one dog-lover to another!

Great job!
I'm not a dog person and I still like this entry. Good strong sentences kept my attention though out. The undergone/underwent situation could have been avoided by rewording. After serious surgery, Georgie was unable...
Sometime awkward sounding phrases need to be completely reworded.
Yes, aren't animals wonderful! And you're right; they can teach we humans much. I was so moved by your story as I have several of my own pet stories. I felt I was in familiar territory. Your story held my attention from the beginning to its end. Nicely written! Blessings...
An enjoyable read that leaves us with something to learn from which is often lacking in human relationships. A nicely written piece.
Congratulations for placing 7th in level three!