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This is a great story. I felt the suspense and conflict and was eager to keep reading. It was definitely on topic.

The only critique I have is that the story was a tad predictable. There are many stories this week that quote the scripture. A mysterious stranger who turns out to be an angel is also an oft used literary device. For me personally, even though I absolutely believe God will send his angels to watch over us, I think I'd have preferred it had been a kind man who cared about others.

Another strong point were your descriptions. You did an outstanding job painting a picture for me. I could see the scene and even hear the sounds. You also did a wonderful job developing the characters. They felt real and the dialog genuine.
Very descriptive work, though thankfully our winters leave out the heavy snowing option.
I liked how Gabe appeared - nice job.
I was slightly thrown from the beginning when "we" hit a bump and then Kevin and Pam took "our" place. Otherwise, a good piece of writing.
Its rare that you get to the end of a story and just ... smile. I did with this one. It just had that very nice feel to it. It flowed so easily and I really liked how the couple turned "to" each other during this challenge and not "on" each other. Wonderful piece of writing ... nicely done!
This was a great story and an enjoyable read. I love that the wife didn't fuss at the husband for the predicament and that they chose to pray together. I could just picture Gabe from your description and the snowy, blustery night felt so real (for someone who lives in the desert, that's quite a feat, my writer friend, whoever you are). God bless.
Brrrr, I felt like I needed to go get a sweater while reading this article and, with it being 109 degrees outside just now, that's good writing. It's great to see the way the characters supported each other instead of accusing and fult-finding. Nice job.
This flows really well, and makes a great point. Good writing.
An excellent piece and enjoyable read! My wife and I have experienced on several occasions when we lost our way or at an unfamiliar place that someone, albeit a stranger, would come by to help. I believe that someone is either God-sent or an angel, which is why I find this story credible because I can identify with it.
There seem to be a lot of stories about angels coming to help believers.

A friend of mine had a similar accident and while he was unconscious someone turned the hazard lights on that alerted the police.