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Well thank you for sharing your story with us. Your honesty overwhelms me...And, the story was wonderful.
Congratulations on your marriage, and love is enjoy!
God bless you~

This is an interesting story and paints a good message. How does it go...Who God has joined together...

My only suggestion would be save your explanation points for dialog.

I really like the beginning, you drew me right in. You did a great job covering the topic in an interesting way.
Great application of the theme. You have a gift for storytelling, smooth-flowing words with an entertaining style.

I enjoyed the story and your perspective. Blessings to you and your husband!
The story was excellent; well written! Crazy how an older woman and a younger man is viewed so differently than the opposite 'older male with young woman'. A touchy subject well handled, good job.

My only critique would be that you said you had copied it from a previously written article you were working on. ? ?
Good for you! This was a lovely story and fit the topic well.
I felt strange when my hubby asked me out and he is only 4 years younger than I am. LOL Years later I wonder why I cared at all! Praise God you didnt let age stand in your way...the love is what matters, not age. BTW, my sister-in-law is married to a man twenty years her junior and they are very happy. Enjoyed the story.
I love the honesty of your MC's "predicament," and the strength and sensitivity you generate through the rest of the story. Very well related.