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Great story filled with fun moments! Nicely told, and I especially loved the "feulish" part! Didn't miss that. It made me smile all the way through.

God Bless~
LOL, I love the light, comedic bent of the story. You held my attention because I kept wondering how you would 'fix it'. The last joke---feeling fuelish---you made me crack up. Good job. Well done.
I too loved the comedic flavor of this piece. It kept me smiling too. great work.
This was a fun story and very well written. Nice work!
Very comical read, beginning to end! Loved the puns throughout. Thank God your predicament ended well, the people where you forgot your wallet was honest and Tom was understanding...but it is quite funny that your situation mimicked your joke and came right on the heels of your telling it! Well done, entertaining read!
See - I found you without looking. Your entries always smack me on the nose with your distinct style, as well as causing me to fall off my chair laughing at your humour! This one is no exception!
This is hysterical. Some of the jokes are lame--so keep your day job! This was spot on target and fun to read.
hahahaha! I enjoyed a good laugh! You did a great job relating the MC embarassing discomfort! Well written with a delightful exchange between the "comedian/preacher" and the gas station owner. Good job! Thoroughly enjoyed this! God bless!
Never a dull moment! I especially enjoyed your irony here, "An ironic touch, as this preacher who should be trusted - was desperate to establish some bona fides." Your title, in retrospect, is perfect!