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Nice job with scriptural reference of Jesus and the woman caught in "adultery." God Bless~
You did an outstanding job of bringing this Bible story to life. I could feel the pain and agony.
There is no weight of shame the Savior cannot lift! Loved this story and how you brought it to life!
Wow, I loved how you took this Biblical story and brought it to life. We can really imagine how she felt. Thanks. Awesome writing.
This was beautiful! I loved the fresh take of this woman's perspective and how the presence of the Lord restored her to a place of dignity and decency. This was so well written. Nicely done!
Beautifully written reminder that Jesus took our sin and our shame. Well done!
I can almost smell the dust rise up into my nostrils as the woman in your entry is tossed to the ground. Good job! I enjoyed this.
This is pow-wow!erful material. You hooked me in at the beginning and didn't let go for an instant. Your imagery and emotions are so strongly portrayed without ever becoming salacious. I hope this rates as well as it deserves to. I would love your permission to use this account the next time I lead our fellowship in communion, for we all come to the table - fully exposed before him in all our sin, whether it's obvious to others or hidden from them.
This is possibly the best retelling of this bible story I've ever heard. You brought this woman's reality into my world, and I connected her shame and condemnation to my own life; my failings are great, but indeed the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ are greater! And there is no condemnation in Him, only conviction and the call to 'sin no more.' Excellent writing.
I so agree with all that has already been said and would just like to add, that this touched me very deeply. The compassion, mercy and forgiveness of Christ, - the deep shame and sin of the woman, are very wonderfullky described, Praise God for such a Saviour. Thank you for this beautiful account.
Beautiful story of our beautiful Saviour and his forgiveness toward us.

Thanks for sharing this lovely adaption of the well known Bible account.
Such a wonderful depiction of the grace and mercy of our Lord, and an excellent job of bringing this biblical story to life. It made me fall in love with Jesus all over again! God bless!
This is an excellent idea for this topic, and very well executed. The POV is effective and the message powerful. The only red ink I would give would be to watch the descriptive language. There were a (very) few sentences where my eye tripped over some of the phrases. Overall, truly excellent work.
Congratulations on your well deserved 1st place ribbon!
WELL DONE! Congratulations!
Congratulations Terry! Woohoo!
Congratulations! I loved this piece. I could feel every emotion. Well done.
Terry, CAUGHT! is extremely engaging and well written. Congratulations on a well earned 1st place ribbon.
Congrats on your win!
God Bless~
All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!! Love this!!
Well done! Excellent job, congratulations on Editor's choice!
Wow! A powerful piece. Congrats!
Tenderly written; it gripped my heart.