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I liked what you did with this. My mom was an organ donor and although it was so hard to make that decision, it helped ease our pain some to know other families weren't going through the same pain.

I would put the thoughts in italics so they stand out as thoughts. You can do this by using this symbol before the italics begin: <i> and at the end do this: </i> Lastly, make sure you hit preview before submit so you can see if it worked.

I liked how you had the angel be an actual angel instead of going with the mysterious stranger route. The thing about the name is cute too. You did a nice job.
This is very touching and very realistic. You did an excellent job of getting the messages across. Thanks for sharing.
I'm impressed with the details of your story--the home in heaven twist. Well-done.
This was an excellent and touching read. Well done.

God Bless~
Beautiful story! I've heard the name Nevaeh, and figured you would do a play on the name- well done.
Veery touching
A very moving, descriptive and perceptive entry that draws us into the heartache that opens up deeper levels of peace through God's grace. Excellent work that should rate way up there.
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