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I'm a little over thirty and this so touched my heart. I've been going through a difficult situation and am completely exhausted. Your words have given me hope that this is just a "molting" and I will soon be better than before. Touching, relevant, and well-written. Thank you,
I've had a really cruddy week with many health issues and this felt like God was speaking directly to me in the first part of your devotion. You really touched my heart with your words.
A couple of thoughts: Make sure you put the Bible verse in quotation marks. Also instead of having it in the format that you did, I might compact it a bit. At first look, it might be overwhelming to the reader's eye, and I'd hate people to skip over a beautiful piece because of that. I also felt the child verse seemed added in. It didn't really fit with the first part of your awesome message, but felt tacked on maybe to fit the topic more. You didn't need it. You covered the topic in a great, out-of-the-box way, yet still very much on topic. I think I might have ended with the word better, added a prayer instead of that extra verse, and in my opinion, you'd have a homerun.
Your description of the eagle and the pain it endures was powerful. I could so relate. Before reading this, I felt like giving up, but your words touched my heart. My body is older and it hurts horribly, but it's possible better days are ahead.
I thought this was fabulous, and I learned something about the!

This touched my heart as I'm nearing another birthday next month, I've been doing a lot of reflective inner thinking, this really touched me.


God bless~
I just now read the "others" comments...and have to say this, how the LORD knows what we all are in need of...look how your entry touched all of us. God really used you for this piece...thank you!

God Bless~
I did not know all that about the eagle- fascinating! Great devotional.
An informative, encouraging and challenging devotional