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Clever approach to the topic using current times to bring it home.

Well done...

I've felt similarly after watching the debates, but we'll know soon enough after the election in November.

I liked the format you used to showcase your writing.
We all have the debates on our minds, but I really liked the editorial format you used, as a concerned voter. Sometimes when this world is really in turmoil and confusion, it is reassuring to know that other readers feel the same way you do, and sympathize with you on every detail. Great job!
I think the letter to the editor was a creative way to tackle the topic. If you had just written your thoughts in an essay, it would have come off as preachy, but since the idea of a letter to the editor is to get your POV out, it was a brilliant idea. I noticed a incomplete sentence and some spots that read a bit awkward. A good piece of advice is to ask someone to read it aloud (or you read it aloud); if there are any stumbles or stutters, you may want to tweak the sentence. You made some great points, and I really agree. We need to pray for our nation more than ever right now. Good job.
I don't read comments before I comment so not to influence myself. While there have been four or five versions of the political mess, like I mentioned before, placing it in a letter to the editor is creative. Sometimes, we need to go where God is directing us, and when that happens, it is important to think of a unique way to present your message. While in real life, a letter to the editor isn't necessarily creative, it isn't something one usually sees in the challenge. Jan from the forums, Jan's Writing Basics, did a cool lesson once. She suggested that when you first see the topic, write down the first five things that pop into your head, then throw it away because it's likely the same five things everyone else thought of. Keep writing and don't get discouraged. Hugs :)
I liked the editorial section of the paper to showcase the politicians antics. I may have included an ad you noticed on tv without the name of the politician to add further clarity.
Amen and amen.
I thought this was a creative way to cover the topic. Nice job.
Congratulations, Judy, on placing 3rd in the Intermediate category. I like your style of writing and enjoy reading your stories.
Judy, congratulations on your piece.