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This is a nice mini-sermon. You picked some great verses to go with your message. I noticed some punctuation issues: a comma instead of a semicolon (one example is after the word us), missing quotation marks (when quoting dictionary or Bible, make sure you put it in quotation marks), incorrect capitalization (biblically, Proverbs that) and missing hyphens (fast-paced decision-making). I'd love to see more examples of when you or someone else acted rashly to help the reader relate more. You almost have more Bible verses or definitions than your original words. I don't think you needed to include the definition in your piece either. I can definitely feel your passion to spread the Word. I especially liked the line about a nation of people inside us. That touched my heart and made me stop and think about it. Those are the type of snippets I long to see more of in this piece because it speaks to my heart. I believe with some proofreading and more practice, God will use your work many times over for his glory. Keep writing and also read and comment on other entries too.
It appears to me that you would like to teach by using your writing. That is a good goal. Many people today have "blogs" that they write in hopes it teaches and inspires others.

It just takes constant writing and re-working what is written till it says what the author wanted to express.

Keep at it.
Interesting educational work.