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This is such a cute, original idea! Very creative!
While reading, I thought this had a dream-like quality to it, so I loved finding out that it was a dream. :) Your ending made me smile.
Very cute and clever story. On topic, fresh and original. Good job! God Bless~
Very imaginative, original and entertaining story! Great use of the topic. Thoroughly enjoyed the read, terrific job!
This is a sweet story. You did a nice job on the topic and you have an awesome imagination.

The beginning was a little weak. I had to read it several times. Instead of using the word alerted maybe pointed would have given me a picture in my head. Some of the sentences were awkward. Have someone read it aloud. If they stumble over it you may want to rework the sentence. For example this sentence: and bodily thrust repeating in succession before reaching the top. might read better like this: the girls bounce with each thrust of the cart.

I like how the MC questions the meaning of dreams. It was a fun read.
This story had a "rollar coaster" effect on me...what an awesome thrill ride...thanks for sharing it...God bless...