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I really loved how sweet and tender this story was- especially the ending! Good luck!
Ah, the Wisdom of grandmothers!

I love your story. And thank you for this tender reminder that we are on this planet to serve others, ... especially when we call ourselves 'Children of God'.
Oh granny, how clever you are! I really related to this story. Sometimes helping others feels like such a chore...and only in Christ can we have our attitude and heart changed to one of service and love.

Well done.
I was feeling so sorry for the Grandma, until I read those last few lines, and realized she didn't need pity, she has her own weapon. This was great to read and I loved the ending.
Nice job! Clever use of the topic, and a good yarn. I love stories that have elderly citizens involved-always enjoyable and full of wisdom.

God Bless~
The ending caught me by surprise. That Granny, she's a sly one! ;) Nice job.
This one made me chuckle. Great reading! Nicely written!
Great story! What an unexpected and humorous ending! Im still giggling at granny! Quite a story you have woven around the topic, so well written and entertaining! Terrific job!
This was great. I loved the, ending! You made me laugh out loud. Your message is superb! You may want to put the thoughts in italics. You also switched the POV from the grandma to the granddaughter. In novels it's easier to do that by starting a new chapter. Overall you did a fantastic job and I enjoyed this immensely.
Loved the story. I have a soft heart for the elderly and this also hits close to home.

I thought the story fit the topic well. Especially the ending. Go Grandma!

Great job on showing us the room, window and mountains. I could easily picture the whole scene and feel the emotions of both characters.

One error I found was a missing "you" in the 4th paragraph. (could you fix...)

Well done.
Very good, Ebony. I knew you could do it.