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I don't like the thought of looking for parents on search engines.
This is a marvelous story of someone attempting to find her biological roots. I though you did a great job writing this heartfelt piece.

Keep writing! God bless!
Good job of keeping on topic, and bringing forward a wonderful story at the same time.

I liked this. God Bless~
I enjoyed your story and figuring out the clues you left, like the oatmeal raisin cookies. This warms the heart.
This is an interesting story. You were right on topic. It was a tad predictable. As soon as you mentioned the landlord, I knew they were going to be her parents. The favorite cookie was the give away. Some of the dialog didn't feel natural. Try to use more casual language in the dialog. It was a sweet story and an excellent example of the way God works.
Great story that brought out so many mixed feelings for me. I felt very sorry for the adoptive parents in this story. How hard it would have to be to love and nurture a child as your own and then have them walk away from you when they found out they were adopted. I couldn’t understand how Lucy could just suddenly reject that bond of love. And for me the clue of the cookies didn't give away the birth parents, I actually thought the cookies were being supplied to the landlord by the adoptive mother, still trying to love and care for her child. And how could the birth mother have known what kind of cookies a baby she gave up would grow up to love.

Lucy kind of aggravated me and I found it hard to bond with her in a likable way! LOL She seemed selfish by outright rejecting her adoptive parents, she seemed to be stringing Ryan along for some unknown reason and when Ryan was trying to point out obvious truths to her, she didn’t want him “questioning her judgments!”

I kind of felt sorry for the landlord at the end too, finding out that way, face to face with no choice in if she wanted it known. And I think this story opened up something to ponder. I do think adoptive children have a right to know their heritage, but the birth parents should have some privacy rights too I would think; and it made me wonder if it really is so easy to find that type of information out on the net. I don’t know, we only have one adopted person in my family, a cousin and he never wanted to find out about his birth parents.

But in saying all that, you undoubtedly did a great job bringing your characters to life for me to have powerful feelings toward and for them! LOL You certainly were on topic and I really enjoyed the read! Great job!
This is well written. I liked it. It seems believable to me.
Congratulations Rhonda!!! You must be so thrilled! :)

Way to go!
Wow, Rhonda. I'm so, so pleased for you. You're doing great!
Thank you! I could not have done it without the amazing support, patience and love of my writing group! Incredibly grateful for each of you!