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WOW! What a frightening experience. How sad, too, theat you would be so betrayed. It gives even more proof to put our trust in God and not humans,

Great story of over-coming!
It is ironic that Christians are usually first in line to become chained in slavery, be it unforgiveness or something else.

My favorite paragraph was the description of your dreams of the bird of prey, picking away--quite vivid. I also loved the sentence, "I was building my foundation on sand."

Only because my Aunt frequently bugs me about this, I want to add: whenever possible, leave out words like: so, and very, which actually reduce the impact of your sentence. For example: If you take (so) out of this: 'would make me feel so loved and wanted.' the words loved, and wanted, become stronger.

This was a strong story, but I felt like there were two messages competing with one another. When you mentioned your comment sent by email, I cringed before you mentioned the aftermath. Far too often, digital communication catapults a sticky situation into a horrifying one. At best, digital communication is difficult--there are no clues of body language or sounds of inflection to pick up on. I believe it's imperative today's generation of children come to understand this. Anyway, I'm not sure if you intended to incorporate this message, but this thought distracted me throughout, since this issue is important to me.

The primary message, going to God, and living in his word, to overcome our fears, guilt, unforgiveness, etc., is a major one, and I can relate, since I'm experiencing the same issue. My used-to-be-friend won't talk to me; and we run into each other often. (Our last conversation was over the telephone, and still, there were huge misunderstandings) It's sad, and hurtful. I have to turn it over to God constantly.

To recap: I enjoyed this piece, could totally relate, and although I would have restructured it a bit, the subject matter was impactful and there were splashes of brilliance throughout.

I appologize for my overwordiness (new word, just made it up), you happened to catch me after a gigantic cup of coffee.

Oh, how very well told, well written and what a powerful testimony to us all!

Your honesty was righteous and I too struggle with offending others, who don't see our honesty as a heart full of love for them to address issues that need addressing, for their good.

Your title is awesome and you don't belong in beginners! Just being honest :)
What a sad, but beautiful story.Congratulations in placing in the top 15 of your level. Good job.
Easily my favourite entry in Beginners. And what wonderful insight into the world of religious hypocrisy and control.