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Oh WOW! I love this article. You are so on the mark about books! I have a habit of just falling in love with titles...and that is what made me pick out your article to read first...but the content was very "tasty". Thank you for this article.
Excellent portrayal of what bonds us writers together from the inside out!
You captured the essence of why a writer writes. It starts with a love of reading.
Oh, how well you described what I feel about reading and books! I've felt that "disorientation" as well. Just one bit of red ink: the middle sentence of the middle paragraph had a word missing, or something? "It’s like invisible threads wrapped around my mind and hard to shake free from its web." I know what you meant, but it caused me to hesitate in the reading flow. Otherwise, a wonderful piece.
Great story.
One of my favorite places when we go to the Mall, is to venture off to Barnes & Noble and cozy in with a good book.
Every true writer will relate to this.
Graet story. I love your take on the topic.
You have a wonderful feel for the flow of the writing! The content of this piece had a very personal touch, and was easy to relate to. Very, very good!
Bravo!! Such feeling and intimacy is recommended reading for every Faithwriter! Well Done!
I grew up hearing "Books are our friends!" too. (and I enjoyed all your "sayings") What a treasure! Your title if perfect!
This is exactly how I feel, too! You've expressed the love affair of reader and books very well. People think I'm strange because I like to smell books. Glad someone else is like me. Good job on this topic!
Thank you all for your comments. I would never survive with just
an electronic kindle or other ebook reader. I do smell books and the texture has to be appealing as well. I like the way they feel in my hand and turning the pages..... I can see that you all relate. It's not only the written words but the "whole package". lol.

Your passion for books surely shines through.

You might want to divide the paragraphs into smaller ones. Especially the ones where you quote more than one person, each quote should have its own paragraph.

I can relate to liking the way a book smells, and feeling and treasuring each page. your details were very vivid and your love of reading apparent.
Congratulations in placing in the top 15 of your level. Good job!