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This is so clever and original and bang on topic. I would never have thought of bacteria having identities. You really brought those little monsters to life through their dialogue and actions. I love 'pool of pus in the sky,' and the way you described the crusty wound. That's one way to promote hand washing hygene and making sure to take the full course of antibiotics. This story should be pinned on the walls of hospitals and clinics. Loved it!
I think I am going to have all of my family read this, they think I am a fanatic about hand-washing and sanitizing! This was terrific, so very creative and packs a powerful punch of a message in its vision! Though I admit, it was so vivid in one part, my stomach was doing flip-flops, threatening nausea trying to read it…but even so, I really enjoyed the read! :)
Interesting play on words for the title and unusual theme. Good word usage.
I worked in Nursing homes, and was fanatical about washing my hands CONSTANTLY.

This story was right on, and so clever and extremely well written! Brilliant job with the subject. Loved the descriptions, spot on.

God bless~
This is awesome! As soon as I saw the title I though oh man I can't believe I didn't think of that. Very creative! Congratulations on ranking 7 in Masters and 12 overall!