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Ooh, I like a good mystery story, and this was great! Scenes of "Murder, She Wrote" come to mind. This was a very creative use of the topic for the week.
I'm impressed that you were able to tell a delightful mystery in so few words. This is my favorite genre to recd, if you ever make these delectable characters into a novel I want to be the first one on the reading list. This was a delight and a nice original take of the topic.
Nice work, detective! You did a great job of unraveling this mystery within the word count, and making it fun to read as well.
You've packed a lot into a small space very creatively, and sandwiched some real darkness between the idyllic setting of your intro and the close. Very well done.
I really loved your story.
It kept my "wanting to read more" in high gear.

I'm sure it would have been more of a thriller had you not
been limited by word count.

Suspenseful, enjoyable!
Great job on the classic murder mystery!! Loved the voice in this piece, and the little details, like pinching dead blossoms, give your MC character.
oh yes lovely! I am a fan of the Sherlock Holmes/Alistair Macall Smith type murder mystery.I love the geranium and the fishy references (the rotten fish odour and the cold fish like hand.
BUT you forgot to give us the MOTIVE
shame on you!

never tried a murder mystery myself but i reckon i would just fall flat they are a slippery fish to write. :-)
I Love Sergent Murdale's Sherlockian logic and waiting for the perfect arrest. Well done with explaining everything so well even with the limited word count. :) A. Conan Doyle I'm sure would like it...
Oh, this is good. I like mysteries and this piece was written just right, with detail, realistic dialogue and the ending was well done. I really enjoyed the read.