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You poured much thought and emotion into this submission. Can you see a ministry in your future, connecting these two groups of people how need each other? Your heart is definitely there.
The Bible is very poetic, your quote, "Children's children are the glory of old men, is a verse that means more the older you get." This made me smile, "never to cross the intricate hairbreadth's boundary which lies between loving, and actually spoiling them." There are some of us who have NOT figured out this "hairbreadth's boundary". (I love that phrase! :) ) Your "paid jobs" story is heart-warming. I did a few of these with my kids too. :)
"In your life, always try to occupy yourself with something to do, someone to love and care for..."

I love these great words of wisdom.

Your piece was very unique. It felt like it would make a good article for a parenting magazine.

You have many great thoughts to share, and I appreciate you sharing them.