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A story that touches the heart. Nice job.
What I like - it is a creative touch to the topic. I never could have guessed someone would do that or thought it up!:) I thought the writing also flowed nicely with just enough dialogue.
What I might change - Probably your wrap up of it. You have a strong first paragraph that pulls us in and the end is too tidy and neat. I don't think you need the church part but I like the tip line. Just some thoughts!:)
Creative and touching!
Hmmm.... I have to admit I avoided reading this because of the controversial title. Turns out you handled it well although it's so unfortunate that things like this have happened and still happen today. It's a heart-wrenching story with a story-book ending ... maybe too story-book. It would have been more effective if she had invited her to her house for personal ministry, or something like that. Other than that, nice work! :)