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Name: Jan Ross
Website: www.janross.org
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Articles written: 84

 About Self
Jan Ross and her husband of 40+ years live in Willard Ohio; they have six adult children and thirteen incredible grandchildren. In an answer to God’s call, Jan is president and co-founder of Heart of God International Ministries (www.heartofgodinternational.org) through which she has had the incredibly unique opportunity to travel as a missionary, sharing the message of Jesus Christ in remote tribal villages where the name of Jesus had never been heard. As a published author, public speaker, and Bible teacher, Jan’s passion to encourage and build up the Body of Christ becomes obvious while she uses her life experiences as a wife, mother, grandmother, missionary, and adoptee to touch the hearts of ordinary women with the love, acceptance, and approval of an extraordinary God. The Word of God has captured her heart, and it is obvious in her writing and teaching. As a writer, the Word is the foundation of each story, poem, devotion, or article. As a speaker, the Word is wrapped around every word she ministers. With a deep devotion to Bible Study, she writes "Today's Devotion" (www.hgdevotions.com) a daily devotional posted on several discussion boards and emailed to thousands. You could say the Word of God is the joy of her life while writing and teaching brings great satisfaction to her heart as she works relentlessly to fulfill the Great Commission.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
08/19/09 Cellphones and Grandfathers 732 Free to Share
08/19/09 Amazing Corn, How Sweet the Taste 988 Free to Share
08/10/09 How Does Your Garden Grow? 736 Free to Share
08/10/09 Enduring Faith 872 Free to Share
05/18/09 Rights and Wrongs 822 Free to Share
04/26/08 Number Fourteen Is Stubborn 970 Free to Share
04/25/08 Chocolate Donuts 1304 Free to Share
12/19/07 You Don't Have To Be Sightless To Be Blind 976 Free to Share
12/17/07 Christmas Shopping Nightmare 968 Free to Share
12/15/07 Mini Challenge 1 Christmas Shopping Nightmare 996 Free to Share
12/12/07 Are You Ready For Christmas? 1063 Free to Share
09/18/07 Renovation, Transformation and Metamorphosis 1488 Free to Share
08/31/07 No More Fearful Timidity 1087 Free to Share
08/30/07 Basic Science Lesson 984 Free to Share
08/29/07 Processing Stewed Tomatoes 1038 Free to Share
08/27/07 Thoughts On the Vine 1209 Free to Share
08/27/07 Boy, Have I Got News For You 938 Free to Share
08/27/07 A Word Fitly Spoken 1182 Free to Share
07/26/07 Is Marriage Restoration Really About Marriage Restoration? 3374 Free to Share
02/11/07 Bound By His Love 1156 Free to Share
01/20/07 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden 1810 Free to Share
12/28/06 That Wonderful Name 1792 Free to Share
12/27/06 It Was GOOD News 1089 Free to Share
11/07/06 Harvest Time 1281 Free to Share
07/26/06 Seek with Intensity 1094 Free to Share
07/21/06 Peace in His Forgiveness 1068 Free to Share
07/21/06 Resemblances 1111 Free to Share
07/21/06 The Miracle 1202 Free to Share
06/09/06 Abraham's Provider 1148 Free to Share
06/01/06 Creation's Praise 1756 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
10/11/08 A Tree Transformed
05/08/08 That Tell-Tale Birthmark
04/26/08 Two Pink Lines
12/07/07 Illegal to Eat Eagles
12/05/07 The Peoples' Choice
11/23/07 Empty Heads Walking
11/21/07 Ascending To the Sacred Desk
11/08/07 Sugar-Coated "Love-Ya"
11/05/07 The Bible Tells Me So
10/28/07 My Daughter, the Daisy
10/25/07 Anand and the White-Skinned Intruders
10/18/07 pH Balanced
10/08/07 Nehemiah Was a Bullfrog
09/19/07 No Matter Who - No Matter Where
09/09/07 Fists Full of Wild Daisies
08/27/07 He Didn't Pass Me By
08/21/07 Two Divine Syllables
08/07/07 Oh What Fury!
06/02/07 Trees
05/28/07 Precious Memories Preserved
05/22/07 Watching Suffering Eyes
05/12/07 When Daffodils Dance
05/07/07 There Was No Trouble
04/28/07 Sore Consequences (No Pun Intended)
04/24/07 “Mujhe Tumse Dil Se Pyar Hai”
04/19/07 How'd Him Get in There Anyway?
04/09/07 A Silver Watch On a Chain
02/21/07 Exercising Faith
02/14/07 Who Am I?
02/07/07 Grandpa's Prize
01/11/07 Cecilia's Baked Surprise
12/14/06 He's Amazing!
12/07/06 Baba Yetu Uliye Mginguni
11/18/06 No One to Mourn
11/10/06 Thanks, But No Thanks!
11/05/06 Listen Closely
10/31/06 “The Best Teachers Teach Best by Example”
10/25/06 Abigail VonSchleshinger
10/16/06 Tobias Henderson
10/12/06 "Kids Will Say the Darnedest Things"
09/12/06 Hezekiah's Blooms
08/26/06 Palatial Discord
08/22/06 Hussopos' Mission
08/11/06 Licking Valley Courier
08/04/06 Valley of Vision
07/29/06 There's a Work To Be Done
07/22/06 walk the path
07/18/06 Soul Survey
07/11/06 Our Great God
06/17/06 From Death to Life
06/08/06 A Bun Dance (i)
06/02/06 How Deep Is Your Well?
05/29/06 The Praise of His Glory

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
06/12/06 The Miracle
06/12/06 A Blessing
06/12/06 Why?
06/12/06 Bwana Asifiwe

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
08/10/2009 How Does Your Garden Grow?
08/10/2009 Enduring Faith
05/18/2009 Rights and Wrongs
04/26/2008 Number Fourteen Is Stubborn
04/25/2008 Chocolate Donuts
12/19/2007 I See! I See!
12/15/2007 Grandpa Prayed
12/12/2007 Are You Ready For Christmas?
11/26/2007 Country Cousins
10/20/2007 Harvest Time
10/20/2007 A Generous Man
09/18/2007 Renovation, Transformation and Metamorphosis
08/31/2007 No More Fearful Timidity
08/30/2007 Basic Science Lesson
08/29/2007 Processing Stewed Tomatoes
08/27/2007 The Bridegroom is Coming
08/27/2007 Thoughts On the Vine
08/27/2007 A Word Fitly Spoken
07/26/2007 Is Marriage Restoration Really About Marriage Restoration?
02/11/2007 Bound By His Love
01/20/2007 Rose Gardens
01/05/2007 Him Whom My Soul Loveth
12/28/2006 Our Great God
12/28/2006 From Death to Life
12/28/2006 How Deep Is Your Well?
12/28/2006 A Bun Dance
12/28/2006 walk the path
12/28/2006 Valley of Vision
12/28/2006 Hussopos' Mission
12/28/2006 Palatial Discord
12/28/2006 Hezekiah's Blooms
12/28/2006 "Kids Will Say the Darnedest Things"
12/28/2006 Tobias Henderson
12/28/2006 Abigail VonSchleshinger
12/28/2006 Listen Closely
12/28/2006 No One to Mourn
12/28/2006 Thanks, But No Thanks!
12/28/2006 Baba Yetu Uliye Mginguni
12/26/2006 Called to This?
12/19/2006 Did Someone Say "Fresh Start"?
11/14/2006 A Baby Story