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The Spiritual Sexual Addiction of the Occult
by roy Francois
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The Addictive wine of the occult pt. 2
Roy Francois

The first thing to happen after eating the forbidden fruit is that Adam and Eve became aware of their sex organs. Now I'm not saying that Satan actually had sex with Eve as some teach, but the desire to have sex with humans has been there form the very beginning. Women are beautiful and desirable creatures, and any intelligent being with eyes can see that. The angels are no different, they have eyes, they can see how desirable the woman is, but God warned them to keep their hands off her. Because she was created from the man, for the man, and the man for her. But they lusted after her, its not her fault she's so desirable to both men and angels, she is the works of God's hands, like man, the crown of his creation. But some of the angels, like most of us men have at some point look upon her with burning lust. Even some women lust after other women. But that sexual relationship is to be between a man and a woman, any other combination is an abomination before God. So for angels to have sex with women, or men, is forbidden. But angels disobeyed God and went on to have sex with both women and men in the past, and are still having sex with both men and women today:

"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took themselves wives of all which they chose." [Gen6:1-2].

Through the occult the fallen angels [demons] are still having sex with women and men today!

That was part of their origin lust, to have sex with human beings. That's one reason God uses the word whoring after other gods, were as God have sexless love relationship with the beloved, the other so called gods actually have sexual intercourse with the ones they have captured through the occult. THIS IS A MOST POWERFUL ADDICTION ONCE EXPOSED TO IT. In fact this the one addiction that can still hold one captive by the occult even after realizing the occult to be wrong.

As I mentioned in part one of this HUB I returned to the occult, even after God had shown me so much love grace and mercy. Like a dog returning to his vomit, I had to have a second sip of the cup of God's wrath. If that first sip of satan's wine cup wasn't enough to get me hooked for life, the second sip surely would, or so he thought. In the second sip of the addictive wine of the occult, you go beyond the high of thinking your are God, you began having sex with the gods of hell, spiritual fornication at the deepest level, the truly deep things of Satan. In this second sip of the cup, you learn how to call up your gods from hell to have sex with you. These are the same fallen angels that lusted after the daughters of men. Its hard for me to believe that these lustful fallen angels have gotten their sexual problems under control, it could only have gotten worse. After capturing his slave, wouldn't he force them to have sex with him? it just stand to reason.

Sex with demons is nothing new. "THE INCUBUS" Justin Martyr, Tertullian, and Clement all believed in the reality of the incubui [plural]. They believed them to be corporeal angels who allowed themselves to fall into the sin of lewdness with women. [Rf. Sinistrari, Demoniality; or incubi and sccubui]. For hundreds of years women and men have reported sexual attacks by unseen spirits. "THE SUCCUBUS" is the female counterpart. she is a female demonic legendary creature who seduces men in their sleep. In art they are depicted as gruesome ugly creatures, but when called up from hell by the cultits, they appear as the cultist wildest sexual fantasies. To stay in business, and for their business to continue to grow, they must be pleasing to the one that called them up from hell. The difference between the ugly incubus, and the astral lover, is that one invades, while the other, more attractive one is called to the bed of love. The invader the gruesome looking one is not intentionally summoned, but through dabbing in other areas of the occult, like witchcraft, a door is opened for them to enter, they are seen in their true disgusting filthy form. The victim can still seek help form the LORD. But when intentionally called up from hell they come in full disguise, as the most beautiful women, or man, that the conjurer could ever image in their waking life. They don't want it to stop, they welcome it every night. The delusion is complete, they have consummated their marriage with hell. Remember the relationship between Christ and Church is called a marriage, it is the same thing with satan and his whores. The difference is that one is pure sexless heavenly love, while the other is filled with filthy sexual orgies and fantasies from hell!!!

One of wicca's methods of conjuring up lovers from hell is through Freyja's seidr sexual magick. They say that its just to dangerous to have physical sexual intercourse with someone in today's world, unless your are 100% sure they don't have a deadly disease. The shaman [witch], would be better off having sex on other world planes, [the spirit world]. Now where in the Word of God does it tell us to seek sexual fulfillment in the spirit world? It doesn't. But there are many so-called Christian falling for this lie. Wicca claims that orthodox religions have spread the lie that you can not have sex with spirit beings. They claim that your astral lover may even be your fylgja [your personal guardian angel]. And no matter what's your personal preferences, if you are a man lusting after other men you can have a homosexual relationship with a homosexual angel on the spirit plane. No matter what your personal preferences, you can get your freak on in the spirit world. Oh the filthiness of that second sip of the wine of Satan,s cup! They say that the climax of such sex makes regular sex seem like juvenile groping. That it is superior and more intense than anything on the physical plane:

"The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and decked with gold and precious stones and pears, HAVING A GOLDEN CUP IN HER HAND FULL OF ABOMINATIONS AND FILTHINESS OF HER FORNICATION:
"And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABMINATION OF THE EARTH. [Rev17:4-5]. For the meaning of the mark in the whore's forehead, see my Hub, [The Third Eye, The True Mark of The Beast].

Next Wicca claims there's nothing wrong with spiritual sexual prostitution, its not sinful, dirty, or evil. Its a real bona fide spiritual experience. They are right about one thing, make no mistake about it, every sex act with your demon from hell is real, and you will have to give an account for every filthy sex act you commit with your demon from hell. Those five words, they hate almost as much as they hate Jehovah Himself. [you must give an account]. The claim is that orthodox religions don't wan't you to know about this ancient secret, because it makes it possible for the single person, the devorced person, and the widowed to live a sexual satisfied and happy spiritual life, without the marriage commitment that the LORD demand of His people. In this way the church loses it's control of the individual, and the person is free to sex it up with any evil spirit being they wish to. Next they tell that nobody owns you, you are your own person, that you weren't bought by anyone's blood sacrifice. Then they go on to tell you how to summoned your whore from hell. As I said in part one, this is not a how to HUB, so we want go into the how of it, stay as far away from that information as possible.
Wicca is only one of many Satan worshiping religions. Wicca is just a modern name for old fashion witchcraft. Wicca worship the Horned god, but his name vary depending on what level of initiation one is on.

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