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Interesting. Creative. I thought the beginning was a little dry, but you really developed the plot and held my interest throughout the entire piece. Good job!
Nice action and choice of verbs throughout. The ending hit fast and I was left a little hanging...I liked the dialogue too!!:)
This entry makes us think on several different aspects of people's lifes. I'm naive sometimes, I didn't get the second paragraph when I first read it and didn't understand what the characters were doing until "Over the next month..." But the story was well written, developed a great relationship between the characters. I enjoyed it!
Very interesting article with a good dialogue.
You absolutely belong in "masters" level, and this piece proves it. Even the title: who would think of pairing the word "legend" with dumpster-diving? Great character development and dialog. I wonder what kind of research you had to do to write this!
I loved this story! I tripped a little on the second paragraph too, but I'm not sure if that's really a bad thing. It kind of sets up the rest of the story and then blends into the action. I enjoyed the voices, the scenes, the feel of the piece. Great job!
You'll get no sympathy from me about you having to be in Masters. This piece certainly holds its own here! Great character development, nice flow, and gripping plot. Yeah, you can definitely hold your head high amongst the masters.
You spun a pretty good tale here. Your characters were great and very believable. The whole thing was honest. Good job.
Excellent use of dialogue and great character development. You have wonderful skills. Here's my critique, though. Rewrite the top 25% of the piece. Just tell the story, don't need the intro. Also, so weak word use early ... but really tight at the bottom 75%. You ended very strong. You'll score welL! ... then sell this puppy. Itcould be published.
Good dialogue, very interestins approach. I am not sure the 2nd. person in the first paragraph is fitting though.
One of my favorites this week! Masterpiece!
This one really got to me. I used to own a bakery/deli/lunchroom, and the local "bag lady" would sometimes raid our dumpster. One night an employee was taking out the trash and didn't see the "bag lady" crouched in the shadows. Just when she threw the bags in, the "bag lady" - complete with disheveled hair and ragged clothes - jumped up to start digging and see what she could find. My employee said, "Uh, hi...uh...." and retreated inside as quickly as possible. I mean, what do you say when someone is diving in your dumpster??? She talked about it for days.

ANYWAY, you did a really good job with this. I felt a pang of desperation when Suits was the victim of the hit and run. A tragic way to end a life lived on leftovers. PTL he found the Lord when he did. :-)