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I hate you. (jk) Honestly, this writing is amazing. Astouding. It can only belong to one master FW. I loved the parrelism. What a beautiful picture of life, prosperity and growth. Incredible. Writing was the best I've seen in some time.
Awesome! My spirit is singing in harmony, devouring this amazing account of a soul awakening to eternal life. "No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent me draws him..." (Jn. 6:44 NKJV). A sure winner, in heaven and on earth!
Amazing, simply amazing. You have such a keen since of perspective from any angle from which you choose to gaze. Your writing ability is as inspiring as it is astounding. Thank you.
You wrote this in the middle of a meeting and didn't even proof read it. I agree with the first commenter. heh Wow. Pretty cool perspective.

One thing that caught my eye: "She wandered, aimless, with no destination." This sentence is redundant. ;-)
This is a good story, but it's not your best. It's well-worded and has good flow, but I think the conflict lacks intensity (ie. the contrast between what both "sides" of Tina want isn't wide enough). But the idea of the two different sides is really great!
Hmmmm, I wasn't too sure about the degree of separation here between body and spirit; I'm still deciding whether it "works" for me. Nevertheless--your usual excellence in writing--amazing that you can do this while miltitasking! Awesome, really.
Love the poetic quality in this! Mesmerizing! What a unique and intriguing take on the subject of prosperity, Maxx! I read it the other night and went back and read it again. Beautiful!!
Loved the idea of seeing inside the 'shell' of a person to watch them come to life!
To be honest, not too bad considering ...! I love the storyline, the contrast, the seed planted years ago that was awakened.

It's beautiful.

Good to see a few bumpy spots for a change! ;)

There's certainly nothing to nitpick about your awesome writing ability; your descriptions are always masterfully detaled, but I found the story hard to absorb and follow through the first reading. Re-reading clarified it for me the second time around. However, it's no doubt a very interesting and unique take on the topic. Your perspective always stands out in a crowd. Well done! And btw, I'm tellin' your boss! LOL Jo
That's odd, I thought your hint said that this was a "down week" for you....yet after reading that, I can't help but think, "If only my good weeks were as good as his bad!"

I loved the story and the imagery used. I also thought it was a creative way to write about Prosperity. Overall, in my opinion, it's a great story! ^_^
I love the imagery. You captured the true human spirit here. What a word painting. Excellent.
Guess I am particular - I didn't understand or like the italic use. I have always been trained that italics were for thoughts.
Interesting piece overall.
Really enjoyed this picture of prosperity. One of my favorites this time.
This one deserves more than one's DEEP.

Oooooo, here's where I spooked out w/ a few prickles down my spine: "She waved, although the impulse came from beyond her.
The sun glinted in the mans eye and he seemed to sparkle from within."

This is something to aspire to...thanks for raising the bar. :-)