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great job! You've captured the essence of the topic in a beautiful way. One small nit pick- I felt that the second stanza was a little weak. Other than that, great job!
Cleverly done the way you divided the beatitudes to make your points.
I loved the message and the use of scriptures. Very nice there. A couple of places seemed to struggle a bit, and there were places where there could have been a stronger word or two. But don't let those little picks bug you. Over all a nice piece. :-)
This is a good message. As already stated there are a couple of spots that could use attention, but overall, good job.
I really like the idea of expounding on the Beatitudes for this topic, and I'm suprprised that no one else did it! Wonderful!

I tripped a bit on the meter hare and there, but the content of the poem was lovely.
I meant "here and there!" I don't know how that rabbit got there.
Great job!! Love this take on prosperity.
The Beatitudes are a perfect commentary for the topic. :-)