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This is really cute!! I fell out of the chair laughing. Neatly done!!
Oh, do run this in a local personals column...give the readers something to smile about.
Very funny! :)
The qualifications leave me out! Funny take on the topic.
I think I would punch this guy out if I met him. LOL. This has to be written by a female. If the author was male, he would be stoned by every living female that crossed his path! I loved this so much! I agree with Dub, send it in! (who knows, you may even get a response.)
Funny funny! Sounds like a keeper!
No, the theme here is NOT Hope; it's Hope-LESS! Wonderful writing.
How'd you get hold of my personal ad? Wait, I'm not 64 ... but that was close! Funny with a touch of charm ... but definately lacking in the hope department. Unless you figure that this guy has a lot of hope if he thinks the ad will actually work! ;-)
HA! This guy's a real catch 'ain't' he!! So cute and entertaining! The 'ad', that is, not the guy!! Thanks for the laugh!
Definitely a "hope"-less case. It makes me wonder how many women would see him as a challenge. Very entertaining writing.
Cute & creative entry - lots of fun. I think the guy would get lots of calls but not for the reason he's hoping for. Left me with a smile.
He's not picky, but... LOL! Funny writing. I mean, it made me laugh! LOL! What extravagant hope this geezer has! Great read!
I think I know this guy. I loved it.
Humor at its very best. Enchanting and well written,
Very creative and funny. Good job.
Very, very funny. I can see this guy! Hear this guy. Why is he sooooo real? Thanks for the laugh. Let us know if he gets any offers. :-)
Definitely a hopeless case. Who's this guy's mother, anyway??!? ;-D
LOL Ever the silly monkey, Sally! I got a good laugh out of this!
;-) Good minds think alike. I was told I should have entered mine for the "Love" topic.. :D