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This is light-hearted and absolutely delightful! Poor Fanny and Heiny! LOL! A day brightener for sure! Thanks!
LOL. Utterly hilarious. Delightful and entertaining. A great read!
Left me smiling. Thanks.
Great ending...LOL!
Funny...funny...funny. Good flow. Thanks for the entertainment.
hehehehe, Heiny and Fanny Stinkovich? Only one person could have written this. LOL!
I think I know who wrote this! Thanks for the laugh. Here's hoping.
I was with you the entire time. The comment about the waitress made me laugh out loud. This was perfect, absolutely delightful in every way.
The title made me think I'd be laughing all the way through. By the time we got to the funny ending I thought it was kind of overdue. But I did laugh at the ending! Loved the names! lol!
This was pretty good! I laughed, so I hope it was a comedy! ;-) I know it was tongue in cheek but I think the ending was a bit over the top ... plus it was a little lite on hope, at least in any serious way. But aside from that, this is the fun entry of the challenge thus far and as such you'll score well! Great job! :-)
Too funny! I read the first two lines and thought "Oh this going to be good!" Yep..I was right. Congrats! This has to be a winner, it is in my book anyway!
Very entertaining. You described fanny really well. One wonders just what parents are up to when they name their children!
'Stinkovich.'? THAT is funny! So was the whole ordeal! Great one Lynda - once again! *chuckle, chuckle*
What a wonderfully inventive name! Drew me to the title, but I wanted to wait for hinting time to see whose this was!

Good beginning paragraph--immediate hook to the story! And your second paragraph was just as good! Okay, I typed those preceding sentences without reading all the way...this is wonderful...gets my vote for most humorous and inventive. What a treatment of 'hope'! Yes, one would hope this gets in the top five for the level!
This is funny. Thanks for the laugh.
Sputteringly funny ending! Thank you for this lighthearted entry. One problem of logic, as the hostess calls Fanny to a table I would assume that the booking was made in her name. But she slams the place and the food so much why would she go there?
Oh, my dear "Y"
This is just too cute! You are, as we are wont to say in the South, just "full of yourself" (that's a good thing...ROFL).We all need these moments of comedic relief. Thanks.
Blessings~ "I"
Funny, clever, cute...I could just picture the dancing dots, perhaps especially on a buxom figure: "She squirmed in her seat for a moment, her polka dots moving to and fro." :-)