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Bravo! A great ministry piece. It shows the vulnerability of both characters, stirring up compassion in the heart of your reader. Excellent writing.
Nice piece.
The tears are at the corners of my eyes. Wonderful story.
This story was pretty incredible. The writing was terrific. Great, great job on this.
oooo... I like the caged lion thing. wow! What a master!
The characters really had depth to them... I could relate to them both. Nice how you had us feeling for Sean at the end. The mark of a good writer! I thought that how the story unfolded was just a touch weak, especially the discussion in the principal's office, but the rest was just great. You wrote a wonderful ministering piece.
Good story. Turning the other cheek is always challenging. I liked the picture of the lion in the cage and what it turned out to be.
Well told, dramatic story! Interesting how our idea about someone changes when we understand why the do things. yeggy
This is a wonderful story in that it is so relevant. This type of bullying goes on every day in every school and many neighborhoods. You've shown how the 'eye for an eye' philosophy just doesn't work. Yes, you made us empathize with both boys..great storytelling there!!
Great allegory - caged lion/anger. Great writing. I enjoyed this. Wish things were always this simple to solve!
Whew, great ending!!!