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Oh, this is so exquisite! What beautiful images you've used. Love the light and dark image and the bird in the very top branches heralding the coming of the King of Light!! Wow! Love it!!!
Interesting rhymed couplets, watch forced pace and rhyme. A credible poem all in all.
Daybreak is my favorite time. The morning song is sketched beautifully.
Has the Faithwriters Master Poet struck again! Hmmmm, I'm sensing his fingerprints all over this one. Beautiful job! Incredible.
If only I could write like this. Very nice and top-o-da-line!
What else can be said here ... crystal, pure, precise, remarkably visual. This has a chance to win. Well done!
My favorite! I loved every word!

This is wonderful poetry. I like you setting for hope - just the hope of a new day dawning and ready to be celebrated. That is a refreshing slant after reading quite a few submissions of sick people getting well or feeling better (which were also very good). I really loved reading this.
I know who this is and it's up to standard!
YES! Very nice. Hope should be renewed for all of us at the dawning of each new day. Great stuff.
I agree with everyone ... definitely good stuff.
This is exquisite. I loved the simple description that painted such a clear, concrete yet nuanced picture. One tiny flaw: why seldom in: 'Their faith in sunrise seldom fails'?
Congratulations on your win. This poem is beautiful. Just makes me want to hear the birds singing in the sunrise....
Your poem made my heart soar! You must be a bird-lover judging by your last two entries. Beautifully worded and crafted, as always. I especially liked how you talked about the birds' unquestioning faith in the sunrise-- God help us all to have that kind of faith in Him! I also loved the crescendo from night to dawn-- very powerful. Great job!

Shall we expect Emu next week?
Very well done, Kenn. Congratulations on your win. I loved the choice of birds trusting in the return of sunrise every morning. God watches over the sparrow, so I know He watches me - paraphrasing from a favorite hymn. This poem made me feel warm all over. God is sooooo good, isn't he?
Remarkable! Exquisite! How do you do it?! :-)