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Master! You definately belong here. What a way with words. I'm so jealous! Beautiful story.
Wow! Some big words but a bigger story! Tres good!
Excellent writing, the pace was great, the character was full... I could feel her pain and her joy. Well done. My only nit pick, and this is minor, is that the only "hope" involved was in her songs while at the spa. Take away her singing and youhave a story of a hurting lady who goes to a spa. So the focus was on the water not on ultimate hope. That, however, is only my opinion and it certainly doesn't tale away from the skill and ability that you have demonstrated here. Clear a place on your mantle, this looks strong enough to place! :-)
I could be wrong, but isn't this allegorical? Are the springs metaphorical for the Jesus as our living water, our hope and our life? I may be reading too much into this, but that's what I got from it.
There are real places like this. One is in Warm Springs Georgia where President Roosevelt went for treatment of his polio-pained limbs. Metaphorical or literal, anyone who suffers unrelenting pain (of body or heart or spirit) always have HOPE in Jesus. The woman's prayer for relief was answered...a prayer with which many in the throes of chronic pain can identify.Thank God for blessed HOPE! LG
There was some wonderful description throughout. I liked the inner thoughts that accompanied all that the character did. What struck me was the "kind offers" of friends can sometimes create difficult situations for people - but ultimately she benefited.
A masterpiece. Thanks for the blessing.
This is a great story of hope. You expressed the pain and described your characters very well. Well done.
Beautiful! You transported me into the character immediately. Stunning descriptions!
I want to go, too!!!! ;-D