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Sweet, tender and beautifully written. Love it!
Lovely story.
Sweet story. I can certainly identify. :-)
This is so beautiful.Great job!
This is so sincere, heartfelt, and beautiful. Your mc has the perfect husband - Jesus! Hope this wins!
Submission, when we see such joy on the face of the one who’s heart’s desires are fulfilled in the midst of our own dashed dreams is an exceedingly difficult and courageous step. Thank you for showing the way. Yeggy.

Very nice! I hope I have either a rose or a lilly in my future..... but if I don't I'll try to be content with my snap dragons! lol!
There is no doubting the writer's ability here. Well crafted. I personally wasn't able to relate to the repeated images of the rose throughout the narrator's life. But I'm an emotionally dead guy, so no biggie! lol! The ending message of faith and hope in Christ is outstanding. Nicely done.
I have spent the whole time reading waiting for her to bump into the man of her dreams while she is busy looking at the roses. I liked the line "I am His rose" - it reminds me that sometimes our plans don't go the way we would like, but God knows it all
Precious, pure, most excellent in all ways. Wow! I loved being there with you every step that day! Red becomes you! ;) God has a special Rose in mind!
Excellently crafted story. Very good job.
Very touching and well written. You grabbed and kept your readers attention. He knows the desires of your heart and when you least expect it... Hope will blossom into that beautiful rose! God bless you!
I expected her to find Mr. Right in the Swallow's Nest. Your ending was much better. Great story and well written.:)

(Just in case you want to submit this somewhere later, I did notice that you forgot to capitalize 'Swallow's Nest' once.)
I could feel the longing and then the acceptance....all framed in hope. Well done.