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Good story. I liked the title and how it ties the story together.

I was however taken back that someone in Masters has no white space in their piece. I'm a beginner and I see that comment left on alot of pieces. Just wondering.
WOW. I loved how this was so NOT predicatable. I read the first few lines and braced myself for the familar, but you delieved the unknown. Great job. Awesome writing. Superb dialogue. Awesome job!
loved this story ... a lil bit of everything! wow
I don't know if this was meant to be funny but it sure struck me that way! I kept saying "Duh! Open your eyes!" Well written over all. I personally thought that you didn't need the last line, but that's a minor thing from a picky guy. Nicely written!
Excellent story! All those answered prayers and he didn't see them! It seems to me to be a common practice at FW to put clear lines between paragraphs to break up the mass of words - but you kept my attention all the way.
The title is perfect for your story, which was well written with great dialogue. I'll repeat what others said about the double spacing - it's difficult for me to follow with the words smushed together - but the story itself was great and held my interest. Well done!
I'm with Maxx - it is amazing that so many times we miss God in the middle of the "everyday" miracles. Good writing.
Congratulations. This is an excellent's amazing how some don't see the signs right in front of their faces ( my brother who is agnostic...
the evidence is all around him!) Excellent Story!
Oooh! This was great! I, too, kept wanting to say "Duh, you dork! Wake up and smell the coffee!"
Congratulations on your win!
Hi Corinne. Good to see a familiar name. I've not been writing for the challenge for quite a few months until recently, and I've been so blessed to read so many wonderful stories like this one. Congratulations, but I'm not surprised. I love your work and your title was perfect for the piece. It was a joy to read.
That was a very thought provoking story. I enjoyed it.
Involving dialogue and some pretty colorful characters! :-)