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Such a well written piece. It brought to mind so many wonderful memories and experiences expressed here. The lesson of how God uses crooked things tied it all together. Breaks my heart that so many children never experience the joy of farm life. I know a tree growing by the waters edge that I will soon be sitting under.
Beautiful writing of a memory with a great devotional thought to round it out.
Great descriptive piece. I felt like I was experiencing the protection and nourishment that this old mulberry tree provided.
Your descriptions sound make it sound like such a fun time and place!
A good reminder of God’s care for us. Your descriptions created a memorable image in my mind.
I really like the idea of something imperfect being such a central point of a happy childhood. So often we tend to dwell on perfection, yet God knows how imperfect humans are and does wonderful things with those imperfections.
Very nice story. Your descriptions make everything so vivid in my mind. Congratulations on a well deserved first place!
Congratulations Marilyn. This is a beautiful piece of writing which paints a picture of happy memories. I like the was you like it to God's acceptance of the less-than-perfect too,
Just to correct my comment(I should check before posting!), I meant to say:I like the way you link it to God's acceptance of the less-than-perfect too.

I have just been schooled; I sincerely feel as if I am one of your cousins. You indeed painted a portrait that I won't soon forget.

I must confess that I have a healthy fear of heights. But I can vision myself frolicking on that old mulberry's tree branch. Well Done, cousin.
Now I want the chance to enjoy your Mulberry tree. Thank you for clearly creating a summer memory by sharing. Well written and a joy to experience.
Congratulations on winning best of the year, Marilyn. Very deserving of the honor.
This article evoked childhood memories for me, even though we had no old mulberry tree. It perfectly fit that tree into God's feelings for His creation. Well done. Congratulations on top prize.
You did a wonderful job describing the tree and all of nature that you enjoyed with your cousins. You must have had a wonderful childhood. I like it that you point out how God can use crooked things for His glory and for other people's blessing.
This is a beautifully written piece. I have similar memories of great fun climbing trees with my cousins on my Dad's cattle ranch. I love the conclusion too. How God keeps and cherishes even the old and imperfect things.
This story brought back such fond memories about a tree my own grandparents had in their yard that me, my cousins and friends would play on daily. It was designed in such a way that we pretended it was a horse. This story flowed so very smoothly. The only hiccup for me, and this may just be a personal preference, but when I refer to God as "him," I always capitalize Him. Again, just a personal preference on my part. You did a fabulous job on this piece and you well-deserved the recognition!