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WOW! As a 'youngster' I do not know anyone personally who lived through that era. What a compelling story, so well told, and definitely fit the topic.
So touching throughout! A great entry for the topic, and though sad, I absolutely loved the ending.
Even though what happened was sad, I enjoyed this well-told story. And you held my attention throughout. Well done.
This gave me goosebumps, and then tears. I was a young child when the polio vaccine came out. I still have the pox mark scar.
Your sad story was told in a beautiful manner. What a gift of friendship you gave to her, and what a glorious final graduation she had. She made a profound impression on you, and her through you on me.
What a bittersweet story told exceedingly well. It left me teary-eyed, but I know the friend had the best graduation ever in Heaven.
I'm too young to have been a part of the polio scare, but remember my mom and grandma talking about it. You did a great job of bringing it to life. The only suggestion I might make would be to make the beginning pop a bit more. For example, start off with the high fever, then sprinkle some of the back story throughout the entire story. The ending was really powerful. There are so many great messages in this piece and different people will be touched in many different ways. That's not easy to do, but is a sign of a skilled writer. Good job.
My great-aunt and my father-in-law both had polio as kids and lived to deal with the disabling results into adulthood.

What a beautiful story of your friend's perseverance and desire to graduation. Both graduations were beautiful.