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As I neared the end, I wondered if perhaps you were leading towards this very real Bible character! I really liked the whole piece - you write in such a way that I'm right there the whole time. My favorite line was, "Of course, the bad thing about being part of a large family was that sometimes you’d not be missed for hours!" I read it twice, then laughed out loud.
This piece stands out given its unique take on the topic. Creative thinking. Good job.
This gave me goosebumps! I think of the rocks along ocean jetties and how the wind sings through them. I've been reading 2nd Samuel and about King David's life. This really brought it to life for me.
This is beautiful! I did not think "Bible story" till the end, but it falls into place so naturally, it's easy to connect it to the original story. I'll be thinking about this for days to come.
This had me wondering almost until the end who this "farm boy" was. Creative take on the topic, too. Kudos!
This is lovely. I enjoyed the fresh take on the topic. I wondered if it might be David. You did a fantastic job of bringing the story to life.
I also kept wondering who the farmer was. David came as a surprise. I enjoyed the different take on the topic. (I love homographs for Challenge topics but am usually afraid to go with the less obvious definition.)
I will confess that for the first time in years I am disappointed that I did not place for this topic. Obviously I was too far out of the box, although I thought the graduation of David from shepherd to king was strongly implied with the final sentence of my piece.

Having said that, I LOVE my piece and congratulations to all the winners! :-)
Congratulations on ranking 13 overall. Happy Dance!