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Beautiful, bittersweet. I love the "holey brain/holy mind" contrast. A bit of light in the darkness, so to speak. Thank for you writing/sharing this.
This is incredibly beautiful. You have described your experience in such fine detail I feel I'm there. Thank you for sharing your gift under such heavy circumstances.
I got goosebumps at the glory part and tears by the time of singing. Wow! Well done.
This is a powerful piece. You use the topic in an unusual way. It was my first thought--mapping the brain to make sure doctors don't exise important parts when removing a tumor, but the way you mapped the brain was a bit different, yet in some ways the same--the vital map to God is still intact. It's beautiful and shows God's hand even in something horrible like Alzheimer's. Great description.
I loved the description of joy you felt. I could feel the sense of awe and of wanting to treasure the moment.
This piece touched me all the way to my soul. Indeed, glory to God!
This was made me tear up and touched my heart and soul!
Wow...this was superbly written and powerfully engaging and a strong witness to the LORD!

Thank you for sharing this with us.

God bless you~
Congratulations on ranking 15 overall. Happy Dance!
Oops 14th overall!