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I did enjoy this really well written story of the bibliophile. I thought long and hard about writing a piece about my love of long words. Since I read this one, I'm glad I'm not in competition there!
The brilliance of this piece is irrefutable. The skill with which you put this together - incontrovertible. When it comes to witty storytelling, you are nonpareil!

Seriously, great job. Loved it.
Great read, and clever. A little loose where the theme is concerned, but I really liked this piece. Good job!
Wow. Such fun. Loved every word. Delicious.
You had me laughing out loud. I loved it! I've been fascinated by big words since my Dad told me I was loquacious when I was a child.
I liked the connection with God's untiring love for us. The second to last paragraph seemed to lack "big words" but maybe that was intentional? Thanks for sharing!
I love this story. It made me smile. It also made me think of Anne of Green Gables who also loved big words. Your message is perfect and you did a splendid job of writing on topic.