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This surrender is awesomely beautiful. I could sense the violence of the surroundings and the grief mixed with a tremendous love for God and her child this mother had. What a gifted writer!
So beautifully written. I felt every emotion whilst reading this.
I shuddered with every anguished moment in this extremely compelling story. My heart breaks for this precious beautiful mother and daughter. Exquisitely written.
Just beautiful. It broke my heart. It was like being there, so real.
Wow. This is so powerful. What a sacrifice she had to make. Great job.
In a word, wow! You described your MC's plight so vividly that I could not help but be moved. Awesome writing!
You've blessed us with a superb piece of writing. Gut-wrenching, heart-breaking emotional descriptions that insisted my heart lock with the MC's agony. My only regret is that such a scene is a reality for some precious mothers in our troubled world today. Thanks for sharing this with us.
Oh, what a powerful piece you've crafted. Congratulations on winning with the masterpiece!
Congratulations on a well-deserved win.
This was a very moving story. I guess it is fictional, but I know there were many like this. I know holocaust survivors who changed their name to survive, but now go by their real name,but there are many who lost their identity as Jews forever. They were also casualties of the holocaust.To live never knowing who you really are is a death of sorts. Thank you and congratulations.
Well done! What a beautiful story of surrender to God. Blessings.
I was drawn by the title (and author, of course:)) and you never let go. This is exquisite in every way. Remarkable and so fitting for the topic. You never cease to amaze me, Ann. Never.
Congratulations, Ann, on yet another beautifully written, moving story. Your win is most deserved.
In the busyness of life, I somehow missed this amazing story the first time round. As others have said, it truly tugs at the heart strings with its beautiful description of the haunting truth of war-time tragedy and suffering. An amazing story and well deserving of its win this quarter. Thank you again.
Congrats and wow! What a heart wrenching article. This is one of the best challenge entries I've ever read:) First place is well deserved!
Beautifully written. I could feel the anguish of this mother. Congratulations, Anne. Well deserved.
Beautiful. Haunting. Visual. This story grabbed my emotions and won't let go, the sign of a powerfully written story. I'm left wanting the story to continue, to taste the victory of a mother so moved by love as to surrender her child to strangers in order that she should have an opportunity to grow to fulfill God's purpose in her life. Well done ... very well done! Congratulations!
This was a touching but very sad story. I "couldn't put it down" and wanted it to go on into a novel. I would surely read it. Thanks. What does B'rikh hu mean?
I agree completely. This is a wonderfully written story!
You captured my heart and my attention from the opening line, and then pierced my soul as I read this story.
Riveting. Heart-wrenching and mind gripping. Packed with emotion, anguish, love, and surrender of the deepest kind. A very deserving story that earned every first place award it has received. God has surely blessed you with a gift, and you honor Him with your craftsmanship writing. CONGRATULATIONS!
With all of the other activities you are engaged in, one wonders where you find the time to write so many award-winning stories. Your natural talents bless us all. I know this congratulations will not be the last :-)
Congratulations, Ann! You definitely deserve the 1st! :) The emotion and imagery are so strong and amazing in this. Great job and keep writing!
Ann, Many congratulations on winning the Faithwriter Best of the Best with this poignant, haunting story. You are an amazing writer. Your wins are so deserved. Again, congrats!
Congratulations on your well-earned 1st place EC and quarterly award, Ann.

I noticed that although I had put your story into my favorites; I had never commented on it.

I loved the compassionate sacrifice the MC made for her daughter. It reminded me a little of Moses being left in the bullrushes.
Awe....what a blessing and a God given talent to be able to convey a beautiful message in the way that you accomplished in this piece!

It is one of the most visual descriptions I've ever read and so touching, brought tears to my eyes!

Congratulations on your very deserved reward! May God keep blessing you with His words, wisdom and messages!