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A very well written entry that provides comfort for anyone who has dealt with the pain of an ill or injured pet.
You did an excellent job of "showing" both your concern in your beloved pet and your surrender of your all to God. Good writing.
Wow girl! I needed this entry last month when I agonized over a terrible decision of my poor little Fifi - my beautiful white Turkish Angora. Your words comfort me, and I thank you.
This reminded me of the pet insurance we don't, at the moment, have on our pets. Thanks. So difficult to yield pets to the Lord, but am glad you did in the story. Thanks for sharing.
I like this. And I'm glad you added the author's note, because I was wondering what happened. Praying you get some answers for your dog.

I love the comparison and contrast of the vet and God... What we see but don't know, vs. what we can't see but do know.
You've done a superb job of building suspense, and demonstrating the MC's emotional struggle. I really heart-tugging read. Thanks for sharing the author's note, too. We're with you and asking God to intervene.