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Sometimes shoveling poo can be a step up! I love happy endings and enjoyed reading your article. Thank you.
I guess that shoveling poo is a job where you can start at the top!!!!
Good dialogue, descriptive writing, and a very accurate title.
I enjoyed your story which was very well written. I liked the turnaround at the end, and his willingness to do the humblest of jobs.
I'm glad you're back, Graham! I missed your entries.

I like your article very much. You portrayed the main character very well, and the difference between the proud and the humble man is striking--there's a peace in the poo :).
Great depiction of pride that goes before a fall.

Shoveling poo. Wonderful title.

Glad to see you back again.

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your entry very much. Well done. I am glad you're back. I've often thought of you. It was a good, clear take on the topic and a very familiar one.
I think you nailed the topic with this one. I really enjoyed it and hope it does well.

Powerful! Your MC was headed straight for humiliation - what a joy to see our Lord turn his wrathful pride to sweet humility. Enjoyed this so much . . .
I loved this and echo everyone's sentiments. Powerfully written.

God bless~
Congratulations on ranking 11th overall! Happy Dance!
Great title! Good message. Well done. Thanks for sharing.