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You had me smiling throughout. I loved your take on the classical fairy tale (puns and all) and your great message at the end.
What a great story! The fairy-tale (frog kiss) had a great outcome! And THEN came the WARTS--LOL! That was a super twist (and satisfied the vengeful vein in me). :) I'm so relieved that this was not a true story or I would need to confess what I put between the parenthesis in the previous sentence. :) Then you still had an inspirational ending. Great, fun, AND uplifting writing!
Well thank goodness God didn't call us - and equip us - to kiss frogs, because after the side splitting hilarity of what preceded the preachers note, that's what my silly imagination anticipated. For a moment I thought maybe you was the one who should be kermitted, but then you swiftly turned it around into an inspirational message, and all in one paragraph. Now that is clever! You could say I liked it.

Great story and completely entertaining! Creative, upbeat and flowing smoothly from first to last word.

Loved it.

God bless~
The title was brilliant! The first few paragraphs were written with such beautiful descriptions that I was drawn into your story. The message at the end completed it. Awesome piece!
Surely am glad you told us this was fiction. You have a powerfully creative mind... and I enjoyed the descriptions.
You are so funny! Who else would think of kermit-ted?

And the epidemic of warts is just too good.

Also, I've never thought of the 'Kiss a frog, turn it into a prince' having any correlation with the Spirit working through us to help transform another person into the image of Christ.

Good job!
Having kissed many a wartsome frog . . .

sigh - another lifetime. Thank you for restoring hope in what is too often considered "fairy tale" logic - you are wondrous at feeding my illogic . . .
Congratulations! Happy Dance!!
Congrats Noel!

Hahahaha! Great Job.

God bless~
Your magic has worked on the judges too. Congratulations on your win.
Congratulations, Noel, for your EC for this re-take of the frog-prince tale. I was disappointed to find it to be untrue, though! Perhaps all those girls kissing frogs has contributed to the scarcity of frogs these days - the kisseesi virus.
What a fantastic take on the fairy-story!
I must read it to my kids at bed-time (the adult ones, that is. They'll love it!)
I would have expanded on the Froggy puns a bit, but basically, you did-t....did-it....did-it! (Sorry!)

Congrats on a well-deserved EC.
I really enjoyed this out of the box story, with important lessons, and the justice of the village girls reaping what they had sown. Congratulations!
Thank you for your kind comments on "Your Fountain."