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I loved this poem! So many lines drew me in, but my favorite was "her highness on the hoof."--So clever!
I love this poem. What a creative approach to the topic. I particularly liked the lines:(Between us and the fence post, shes getting rather plump.
A thickening of her brisket and extending to her rump.)Most amusing and well written.
I love the upset taking up all four stomachs. Good fun all the way through. Well done.
Oh I love this. Poetry isn't always my favorite genre, but as soon as I started reading I started smiling and was giggling before long. This is brilliant and one of the best I've read thus far. Outstanding job!

Sheer delight and "udderly" entertaining in every single way. I loved the entire brilliant piece.

WEll done!

God Bless~

What a delicious take on the topic! You took me out of my doldrums and into a grin! I no longer feel so sorry for me . . .
Love this creative poem. So much fun to read!
Absolutely brilliant - this one has to be a winner.
I'm assuming they are taking Rosie off to become someone's steak and roast? Oh my, but I loved this poem, start to finish. Superbly done. I dare say this is a winner.
Very humorous this one! I especially liked that second to last paragraph - clever writing, and the last one which came with an unexpected twist.
Yay! Congratulations this was one of my favorites!! Happy Dance!!

God BLess~