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A lovely parable for children. I trust you are already thinking illustrated children's book.
I love this. I could see it illustrated with great pictures. Children's stories are my favorite and I'd read this to my granddaughter over and over. (of course I'll have to wait until she's born, but maybe by then you'll decide to publish it.)I really enjoyed it. Great fresh take on the topic.
I enjoyed this sweet children's story--well done.
Adored this!
Great piece and a delight to read.

God bless~
I so enjoyed this! Thank you for putting our feelings into true blue (albeit blushing pink) perspective . . .
I really enjoyed this. I agree, this would make a wonderful children's book.
Loved the imagery that flows all through this personification. Poetry disguised as prose, with a great lesson tucked in at the end.
Well done.
"There's no good in wishin'. 'Sides, you ne'er know where God'll send you t' bloom."

Thanks for a great lesson...and not only for children. I fell totally in love with Maisy Daisy.
This would make a wonderful children's book! I could picture Maisie turning colors as her emotions changed. Great imagination and wonderful story. I loved it.
Awww... this story has brought out the little girl in me, all over again. I find it truly adorable and beautifully crafted. A refreshing and out of that pesky box, entry. Great job!
Congratulations! I enjoyed it and was delighted to see it in the EC column. Happy Dance!!

God BLess~
Congratulations! I love this sweet story.
Diane, I was so delighted to see this charming story in the EC list. Congratulations.