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So very very sad.
Thanks for sharing your story about your friend.

God bless~
Heart-breaking. I'm glad the Lord looks at the heart rather than on the outside. I loved the tender, loving pen you used when writing about your dear friend.
Beautiful and sad memorial of your friend. I am so glad God does not look at things the way people do, but that He looks on the inside, at the heart. So sad that your friend had to suffer such hurt, she was blessed to have you for a friend and through you her struggle is not forgotten.
Congratulations Leola,
I really enjoyed this well written story.

GOd bless~

Just to clarify, when I said I "enjoyed" this story, I meant, it was an honor and pleasure to read of such a touching moving and memorable story. It was sad, but how fortunate she had you as her friend.

God bless~
Congrats on your HC, for a truly soul reaching story. Well written with your feelings expressed so well. So sad for Sherry. My story is similar, but I didn't eat, I drank. God in His mercy and grace saved me, for His own reasons.

Blessings and thanks, Lynn
Your story should cause people to stop and think about how they may be judging an overweight person and need to stop. I am sure your friend Sherry would appreciate your effort because of your transparent and sincere love that you had for her. Everyone has a battle, some of us are just fortunate enough to have others praying for us and for something to click that we can't do it ourselves. We need to put it in God's hands and look at ourselves the way He does. We are the righteousness of Christ Jesus which lives in us... we have a purpose in Him. Thank you for your sharing and caring. I think one of the worse prejudices that is not often recognized or discussed is towards the overweight person. God bless.