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Oh, this is truly hilarious. I laughed all the way through to the end. You describe a perfectly normal function, that many will identify with, in such a comical way. I'm sure you'll be marked up for creativity. Thanks for a great read.
Oh this is a hoot. I knew where you were going with every "con" and delighted in them. I even pictured some people squirming while reading and I delighted in that. Breastfeeding is a natural beautiful experience and moms shouldn't be sent hiding in shame. I used to work as a breastfeeding coordinator and a maternity nurse and can confirm it does not come naturally to all babies and moms, but it is worth every struggle, sore nipple, and uncomfortable stare. Recently someone asked me what I missed most, and I answered without hesitation, "Breastfeeding." I feel sad to know I'll never have that wonderful amazing connection again, but stories like this brings those sweet memories rushing back. You even made me experience the tingling you so aptly described. This is a great story, full of subtle humor and I'd love to see it in a parenting magazine.
This was really good!

God bless~
I loved this and knew it would do well. Congratulations!
a very good and well-written entry for the topic. I really enjoyed your humor as I tried breast feeding and didn't succeed. I always felt really bad about this so it's a blessing despite the cons.