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Somehow, I was lured to this entry by the title. I could be wrong, of course, but I can't help but remember an earlier and similar style of poetry that made me laugh for a whole week. I think this one is going to follow suit.


Thanks for the laugh. Well done.

God bless~
Irreverence run rampant. No sense of propriety, making up words willy nilly (savius???) just to make a pun. Who else could this be, but Noel?

Please don't tell me we have a new punster...I don't think I could take them facing off in a war of puns. :)

But I have to admit I smiled throughout and laughed out loud once (only once). I did, however, groan out loud several times, and I imagine you were more going for those than the former.

Clever, clever work and manipulation of the (mostly) English language.
This is a hoot. You had me giggling and chuckling all the way through. Great take on the topic and it brought a smile to my heart.
It begins with the title, rolls along and picks up steam, never letting up until that final line. :) This line was great, "Gaius Octavius -- We need you to savius" Classic work from this author! This is one for the ancient history books! I completely enjoyed every line.
Sweet and sour... that's the only way I can describe the groans you cause me to emit.

I almost never laugh at what you write
but my groans are a pure delight.

Like a Caesar who is past his prime, you murder the English language and replace it with sheer brilliance.
Your poetic license knows no bounds,
All for the sake of rhyming sounds,
And your grasp of ancient history,
Is such a wondrous mystery,
Yet your humor style,
Will always bring a smile.

It certainly did for me!
But what about the fire!? Did the palace burn?
Great work!
Brilliant and funny,
Clever and punny!

Thank you for the chuckle!
I think the pros and cons in this piece are your inspired moans vs. giggles!
See-saw Augustus!!

You have so much pun with words!

Read it 10 minutes ago and am still laughing. Ha ha ha! Great!
Congratulations on ranking 11th overall! Happy Dance!