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A good tale that had many multi layers to its depth and perception.

Forgiveness is sometimes the toughest thing for individuals. God forgives us and wants us to go this story had a happy ending, which I like.

As for the Deacon driving by, my about jumping to judgment without trial. That was hardly a Christian act, never giving the MC a chance to explain!

Interesting take on the topic...Well done.

God bless~
This just broke my heart. I know there are parents out there like that, but I can't imagine ever turning away my own child. This is so powerful. I did get a tad confused when he thanked God his daughter wasn't out there. I thought it meant she was safe at home. Upon reading it the second time, I understood it to mean it was likely he would see his daughter out there, but glad he didn't run I to her. You did a great job with the dialog and bringing your characters to life. This is an excellent take on the topic and is a story all parents should read. I also loved how the church has dismissed him. Another thing I have a hard time understanding, but know it's out there. Nice job.
Beautiful story and message, and so well written.
A very good warning for us all. You somehow managed to capture the vulnerability of the MC, even as he was the perpetrator of unfair judgement.Well done.
A good illustration of the harvest we can expect from the seeds of a destructive life. But it ends with hope and a change in your MC. Probably a change that occurred before your story picks up, but one that he finds direction for back where it all began.

A very well written story with good dialogue and strong characters.

Great job! Congratulations on placing in the EC this week!

God bless you~