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I hope I don't sound gushing, but this is one of the most fantastic stories I have ever read. The topic was spot on, and the way Gemma escaped hell is a thought that will stay with me forever. "The Lord, My God," is a answer I will remember. Thanks for sharing this awesome piece and I predict, if the judges have any sense, this will be a winner!

It don't get any better than this! (Slang intended.)
Wow I loved this. You grabbed my attention right out of the gate. I loved the descriptions of the hooded men. It remained me of the evil characters in the Harry Potter book. This is spot on and an island I definitely would want to be the first to be voted out. Great writing and one of my favorites this week so far.
Vivid and skilled descriptions that kept drawing me in, righ to the end. Great work.
Congratulations on ranking 15 overall. Happy Dance!
I loved this unique entry with its vivid descriptions and great ending.
That was certainly unexpected!
I'm a bit late with my comments due to travel, but i'm so glad I didn't miss your story! Fantastic read. So thought-provoking for saved and not-yet-saved alike. You managed to develop a lot of anticipation and tension in so few words. Great job!
I love imagining what the future holds (in "that" day). I completely enjoyed your creativity here, with the questions and the test, then your triumphant finale. Super work on this.
I loved reading that. It captured and held me to the last period. When words take me beyond the present to the unknown, when I read words and my mind see's pictures, I'm hooked. I have to read the rest.