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This wonderful descriptive writing (as always) had me on the edge of my seat (as always!) Another brilliant piece; thanks for the privilege too of letting us in to meet the family! This touched my heart and I really needed its message at the moment - many many thanks.
This was well written. Great creative style...without a doubt on topic.Loved your conclusion!
This is so meaningful to me as we have a grandson who is autistic and understand the problems. Our Kyle is such a treasure and we love him to bits. Thank you!
I could feel the tension of the situation as I read your article - really good description. It's also a powerful testimony and reminder to trust in God - thank you for this timely message!
Thanks for the honesty of your insights, and for your gift of expressing the humour that allows you to dialogue with God and with yourself through it all.
Excellent work.
I loved every single word. Every one. This was wonderful. I know many parents who's children who are on that spectrum and, to add onto what God says of you, you are stronger than the average Joe, I assure you.

Your tone of conversation with the Lord sounded a lot like me. I enjoyed that part especially.
Powerful, dynamic, tender and so much more. Your story is well written and will be helpful to many who read your entry, and your writing style is done with class while delivering a message. Great job.

May God continue to hold and Bless you abundantly~
Congratulations Dee!

God bless~
This is the perfect story. It started with a outlook laugh (okay a really hard laugh that made me put down my tablet so I wouldn't spray spit on it while lsughing) It ended with tears--a combination of empathetic ones, realizing my blessings, and joyful ones for his safety and you gathering your shedded wits. Congratulations my friend and of course Happy Dance!!
Stupid auto spell-thingy, you'd think by now I'd check before hitting submit. Outlook was at one time out loud (okay maybe I forgot the space but it should have known I was thinking space) Plus it allows me to do another Happy Dance!
Don't have to tell you Dee how very thrilled I am that this was given a very well deserved EC place. As you know, it was a very very special read. Congrats!
I'm sure you had many more choices you could have shared from your years of ups and downs with your 'offbeat offspring'-but this one was perfectly poignant.
Thank you for allowing us the privilege to peek into your families struggles and victory.