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I love the way you've taken Jesus' miracle in it's proper setting and woven into it your own ideas of the atmosphere and snippets of conversation amongst the gathering, to bring it to life. There were amusing additions too. 'Trying to ride this empty dead animal.' 'How to make people feel at home when you wish that's where they were.' And my favourite, 'You're the one with the carpentry experience.' Your title is appropriate too. Methinks this type of writing is your forte. Great job!
A lovely and entertaining story, as you tell it with your subtle humor and great style. I like the way you write! Excellent job here.
When the dust settled, all was well and the Fair-I-Sees had swirled away. Now that's something Asher could lift a nip to if the skin hadn't sprung a leak. A refreshing retelling of a familiar story.
This is a delightful read. I love your take on the whole "fix the roof" thing and how you embellish Jesus' story of the need for new wineskins. I especially like that line about Pharisees "stealing the indignity momentum," and the way you ended it with the four men and their healed friend fixing the roof is superb. You did have a couple typos near the end, which weren't that noticeable. All in all, I think you did a bangup job with this. Hopefully it gets some recognition...

Epic in unforgettable fashion!

God bless~
Fantastic retelling of this biblical narrative!

Wonderfully written.

God bless~
Congratulations on ranking 26 overall!