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I never sausage a clever entry in my life! Nothing here that entrails anything to beef about, or to gristle about. Loved the title, too.
Such low prices take me back to the days of entering a corner shop and successfully asking for a penny's worth of mixed lollies. Great fun entry.
A delightful read, seen through the eyes of a child.
Interesting story in an interesting setting.

You know your words.
Great entry! Delightful tale of the past. I remember when prices were almost that low, but not quite. I smell a winner here.
I loved this piece! Super good.

God bless~
I love your entry but I'm confused slightly with your punctuation.

I'm a level two writer and I see you did not use quotation marks but rather ellipsis for quotes. I don't quite understand that.

Also, no periods after Mr Mrs etc. and it seems it was intentional since every instance of the honorific is absent of the period.

Just curious??

Anyway, the story is terrific!

Clever, clever, clever from end to the other! Congratulations!!!
What a delightful story. You captured the period and the mind of a child perfectly. I loved it.
Absolutely fantastic Dee. What a story! Its wonderful and brings back memories of the shop keeping days of the fifties!! Great writing. A very well deserved win. Many congratulations.

God bless~
Congrats to you on your win. This story is amazing. I loved the MC's voice. So, so good.

Just loved this precious and precocious tale! Well done.
Well, the title roped me in. Good job, Danielle, and congratulations. God bless!